Relaxing on the beautiful beaches of South Cyprus.

As the third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has plenty of beaches to choose from. The sandy shores of the eastern coast are a paradise for sun worshipers and beach babes, while the choppier waves on the west coast attract surfer dudes and water sports enthusiasts.

Many of Cyprus’ beaches have been awarded coveted Blue Flag status, too. The Blue Flag certification recognises the environmental quality and water cleanliness of a beach, as well as the areas commitment to eco-tourism. Cyprus’ beaches also continuously rank highly when measured against other seaside spots in Europe.

But with so much choice, which beach should you head to when holidaying in Cyprus? As I found out when visiting the country at the end of April, some of the “beaches” can be a bit hit or miss – though awarded a Blue Flag, they weren’t the kind of beach you could spend the day building sandcastles or paddling with kiddies. So here’s an overview of the beaches I visited while staying in the south of Cyprus for a week…


Coral Bay, Paphos.

If you’re looking for a beach in Cyprus that’s suitable for everyone, the gorgeous Coral Bay is the perfect choice. For those with kids, when the tide is out the little ones can play safely in the shallow waters, while adults can enjoy lounging in the sun (or the shade of a parasol) on a sun bed. And those with a penchant for water sports can spend hours out at sea trying the various activities on offer, including jet skis and pedalos.

With golden sands nestled in a medium-sized cove, protected from strong currents by the surrounding limestone cliffs, Coral Bay is one of the best sandy beaches in area. So just about anyone and everyone (locals and tourists alike) flock to the horseshoe-shaped cove in the summer season. Luckily, the stretch is long enough to also accommodate those looking for a little respite away from the crowded hustle and bustle in the spots directly below the beach bars.

To get there from Paphos just jump on the bus – it’s 1.50€ each way. Hiring a sun lounger will cost you 2.50€, and a parasol a further 2.50€.


Fig Tree Bay, Protaras.

Aptly named because of the idyllic fig trees that line the edge of the beach, Fig Tree Bay in Protaras is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of Cyprus. And it’s not hard to see why; the soft white 500m stretch of sand here is breathtakingly beautiful.

Fig Tree Bay was revered as the third best beach in Europe by TripAdvisor in 2011, and it has also been awarded a Blue Flag. The islet has shallow waters and picturesque paddling pools, making it an ideal place for children, though venture a little further out and it’s deep enough for kayaking and jetskis. And for the history buffs, in 2010 an ancient Greek tomb containing four coffins was found on the road leading to the beach, thought to have been untouched for thousands of years.

Protaras is about a 2-hour drive from Paphos, but there is plenty of free parking once you get there. Unfortunately the day my friend and I visited it was a little overcast (though this didn’t stop us going a bit pink). After a few hours of chilling, we headed up the cliff to find a beach bar, where we had amazing cocktails and ice cream sundaes, before exploring Protaras a little more.


Faros Beach, Paphos.

Faros Beach, also known as Lighthouse Beach, gets its name from the lighthouse which is situated high up on the rocks behind it (accessible once inside the Paphos Archeological Park). It’s a small beach, located to the west of Paphos, which can be accessed easily by car or bus. Or if you’re walking or on a bike, you can take the scenic coastal path (it was about a 15-minute walk from the Kissos Hotel, where I stayed in the centre of Paphos).

As with any lighthouse location, the coast here is very rocky, so I wouldn’t plan a whole day at Faros Beach. It’s definitely worth a visit at sunset for the amazing views though. There are a small number of sunbeds and parasols on the beach, as well toilets, showers and changing rooms. However I didn’t use these when I visited. Instead, I sat watching the sun go down, enjoying a few cans of Cypriot beer Keo while listening to a 90s playlist pumping from the beach bar’s stereo. It was the perfect evening.


Have you been to Cyprus? Which beaches have you visited? Let me know your recommendations by leaving a comment below.

90 thoughts on “Relaxing on the beautiful beaches of South Cyprus.

    1. They were ice cream cocktails Julie – they were amazing (and gone in about 2 minutes haha!). I’ve never been on a yachting holiday, but I wouldn’t say no 😉 x


  1. Many more other sandy beaches with clear waters like Nissi Beach, Macronissos in Ayia Napa and the Sunrise in Protaras just to name a few.

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    1. I haven’t heard of the Sunrise beach, that sounds pretty – I would love to have visited more beaches, but as staying in Paphos, with car hire only for a few days, these were the most accessible in the short time frame x


  2. My best friend is from Cyprus and I would really like to go, she is from Larnaca . In terms of the beaches here they are all stunning but I am intrigued by the lighhouse beach, especially how beautiful it looks as the sun is setting x

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    1. The lighthouse beach was beautiful for the sunset, but I think if you spent the whole day there you’d be a little bored – it’s more of a beach for locals to hang out, than tourists to sunbathe. And I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the sea there (I certainly didn’t), as it looked really rocky! I’ve heard great things about Larnaca, so maybe next time 😉 x


  3. Beautiful photos. I went to cyprus when I was young with my parents but I don’t really remember it. I would love to go back and have a beach holiday. xx

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    1. Ahhh so nice to hear from someone who’s been to Fig Tree – the weather was a bit rubbish the one day that we went, but all the other pictures I’ve seen of it, when the sun is out, look amazing ❤ x


  4. I’ve never been to Cyprus but it looks lovely, not too crowded! Some lovely beach shots there too! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  5. I do love Cyprus – I’ve been there at least three times so far – my last time with my husband and kids and the time before on a girls’ holiday -that’s the great thing about the destination – it appeals to both singles, couples and families – of all ages. Lovely, informative post!

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  6. A beautiful set of pictures to demonstrate the beauty of your surroundings. I can’t get over the vivid blue in the early photos and the stunning sunset at the end

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  7. I’m reading a lot about Cyprus at the moment and it’s definitely going on my to do list. I’ve never been, though my parents went yearly for a long time after I left home. I think Fig Tree Bay look gorgeous from your photos – like a properly happy village!

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  8. The description and photos on this post are just so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to travel to Cyprus and now you’ve twisted my arm and made me more motivated. It really does look so appealing.

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  9. I used to go to Cyprus every single summer as a kid so I’ve been about 14/15 times, always to Paphos and I loved it, but I’ve not been back for almost 15 years so I really want to see how it’s changed x


  10. Wow, what beautiful beaches! One of Jack’s friends visits Cyprus every year to see his family and I’m so jealous – such a beautiful country.


  11. I have never been to Cyprus but WOW all of these beaches look beautiful. I love spending the day down at the beach relaxing in the sun and dipping my feet in the water on a hot summer day!


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