Getting crafty at Burton Constable Hall.

After a whirlwind couple of weeks, I’ve left my old job and my old life down south, packed my bags and the cats, and upped everything to move to Yorkshire. We’ve been there less than a week so far, but we’ve already settled in (and the cats are making friends with the puppy, thankfully).

One of the main reasons I wanted to make the change was for a calmer, quieter life. Things up in Yorkshire are a lot slower, and after 10 years in the Reading/London rat race down south, I needed that shift. Another reason was for the sense of community. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming; neighbours actually pop around to borrow a cup of sugar, people pass you in the street, smile and say “morning”, and villages come together to have fetes, festivals, fairs and markets.

Always a fan of something that’s going to get me out the house and exploring a new area, my friend Samantha and I recently popped along to the Craft and Food Fair at Burton Constable Hall.


Hosted in the historic Riding School in the recently restored Stable Block at Burton Constable Hall, entry to the the fair is free and it’s on once a month (check the Facebook page for dates). So if you’re at a loose end one afternoon, why not head down and see what will tempt you from the array of arts, crafts and food stalls.

A lot of the products are handmade by the stall owners themselves, and it was lovely to chat to them about their passion for crafts. There was everything from beautiful buttons to colourful children’s cardigans, and pretty crocheted ponchos to cute little mittens.


There were also a few stalls selling plants, herbs and flowers. As they’re all locally grown, you know you’re keeping your money invested in the community – something I’ve just not experienced at big craft markets down south.


A stall selling handmade wooden ornaments just oozed creativity and passion. Look how much detail has gone into these wooden rabbits.

And there was also a delicious cake stall manned by baker and local girl Laura Petch (check out some of her cakes and cookies on Instagram).


Whatever you’re into, there is something for all the family to enjoy at the market, and (well-behaved) dogs are also welcome.


While waiting for my friend’s mother-in-law to finish having her cards read by Pixie, a local psychic, Samantha and I stopped for a bite to eat in the tea rooms. She had a beautiful cream tea, while I had the tastiest bowl of leek and potato soup I’ve ever eaten. Honestly, it was so hearty and warming, perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon.

The tea rooms are popular, and it was very busy – be prepared to wait for a seat if there’s a large group of you. It’s well worth the wait though, and while you are waiting, check out some of the gorgeous antique decorations around the room.


We even had time to get my friend’s son’s face painted. Doesn’t he look adorable as a “scary” tiger:

It was a fantastic day out, and great to see so many friendly people coming together to support local businesses. If you fancy popping along yourself, check out the dates on the Burton Constable Hall Facebook page.

60 thoughts on “Getting crafty at Burton Constable Hall.

  1. I love these kind of craft shows. I love the feeling of the place, the interesting people and their wares, I love just how interesting it is. Such a different way of life in comparison to your former haunt.

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    1. As you know I’m back down south in the city again, but will definitely be on the look out for fairs and things like this in my local area – my mum has taken up crochetting so maybe I can convince her to sell some bits at a craft fair hehe! x


    1. When I lived in London I never really went to anything like this, no village fetes or little town fun days 😔 I guess that’s one of the appeals of living somewhere rural now! X


  2. Awwh this sounds like such a lovely crafty market!! I love going to handmade markets and stalls they really have a uniqueness about them and I’d happily spend the extra doe on handmade products!

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  3. It sounds like you are already loving your new quieter and calmer way of life in Yorkshire! The craft and food fair looks like such a lovely event. There are so many beautiful handmade items available there, this is something I would love to attend!

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    1. Thanks Sarah – I have really settled into my new life in Yorkshire! Seems crazy to think that the boyfriend and I have only properly known each other a year, feels like forever because I’m so at home in Yorkshire x


  4. Oh I do love a good mooch around a craft fair. I think it’s lovely if you can chat to the stallholders about the things they’ve made – and to that a nice tea room and you’ve found a real gem here!

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    1. It’s so fun isn’t it, looking around a lovely craft fair and picking up little knick-knacks that you’d never find elsewhere. The tearoom here was gorgeous too x


  5. We spend every weekend in Yorkshire & I agree that the people are super friendly. Best of luck settling into you new environment. Looks like you won’t have any shortage of crafts to explore while you are settling in!

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  6. These photos brought such a smile to my face – godsent (and much needed) in the age of flimsy fast fashion. All the items, especially the knits and buttons, are delightful 🙂

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