About Always Carry On.

Hey, hola, salut. I’m Becca, welcome to my travel blog.

About me Q&A:

Where have I been so far?

There’s a post that covers all of this – check it out: 30 countries before 30: where I’ve been so far.

Why do you travel? 

The short answer is: I want to see what the world is like. I’m curious about almost everything. I’m limited by my brain patterns, culture, and language but I thirst for experience. I want to know what is, and I explore to learn for myself: Have long discussions with strangers. Live how they live and learn what they think about. I like to travel because it’s the only way to garner these types of experiences.
Want to get in touch?

The best places to find me are Twitter and Instagram. Or you can ping me an email on alwayscarryonblog@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you.

Want to work with me?

Great stuff! I’m PR and brand friendly, but please bear in mind:

  • I don’t accept any pre-written content, and all posts are written by myself.
  • All branded links will be NO-FOLLOW, as per Google guidelines.
  • All gifted products will be marked clearly as: (*)
  • All brand collaborations will be clearly disclaimed in the footer. This is non-negotiable.

If this works for you, please drop me a line on alwayscarryonblog@gmail.com.



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