30 countries before 30: where have I been.

catsUpdated: 25 June 2017

In 2015 I visited 12 countries in 12 months. It wasn’t a challenge I’d set myself at the beginning of the year, but by the time I was two-thirds of the way through it, it seemed silly not to continue, and I ended up travelling to 12 different countries in 2015.

After chatting to friends and family at the beginning of 2016, I decided I needed a new challenge for the year (and seven months of 2017): I’d attempt to visit 30 countries before I’m 30. It was a challenge a lot of my favourite travel bloggers have completed or are attempting – and I wanted to be able to say I’d achieved it too. So when I set about the challenge, with 22 countries already ticked off and over a year to complete it, it was more than doable…

But as I inched closer to my 30th birthday, and with huge changes in my personal life earlier this year, it became a bit trickier, and many thought I wouldn’t make it.

I even had doubts myself whether I’d make it. And up until two days before travelling to Berlin I was in a total panic, as one of my cats went missing. I was considering cancelling my trip altogether, but luckily she came home (the little minx, off out exploring like her mum!), and I could continue with plans for countries 29 and 30.

So now here I am, in my beautiful hotel in Hungary, updating this blog post for the final time, as I’ve made it to 30 countries.

Changing everything from the present participle tense of “going to visit” to the past tense of “have visited”, here is a list of the countries I’ve conquered as part of my “30 before 30” challenge:

1. France – Toulon, Paris, Rennes.

My first ever trip abroad was to France, in the summer of 1999, aged 11. I travelled alone on a British Airways flight from Gatwick to Marseille, to stay with a family I’d never met for six weeks during the school summer holidays.

It sounds a bit scary, and I’m pretty sure I was bricking it as I boarded that plane – but there was nothing to fear. I was heading to Toulon to stay with my French penpal, Alyss, and her family. It was a journey I made many times over the next few years, staying a bit longer each summer, never wanting the trips to end (going home meant going back to school). The trips really helped with my understanding of the French language, which in turned has helped when travelling to other countries like Morocco and Tunisia.

But as I got older and started getting responsibilities, it was harder to visit. But the friendship hasn’t faded. Hand-written penpal letters have become Facebook messages – and I have promised one day I will visit Toulon again, to spend time with my second family.

Apart from summers in Toulon, I’ve also visited Paris and Rennes.


2. USA – Florida, New York.

Like many British families I know, our first family holiday abroad was to Florida.

Though my brothers and I were a little too old to appreciate the “magic” of Disney, no one is ever too old for thrill-seeking rides (except maybe dad, who didn’t appreciate us tricking him on to a roller coaster by telling him it was a baby ride). Oh, and water parks. I have great memories of mum, dad, my two brothers and I all on a flume in a massive inflatable rubber ring. Dad and mum both kept leaning to the side to make the rubber ring go faster and higher around the chute bends. So much fun.

The only other US state I’ve been to (so far) is New York. But I’d love to go to California, Texas and Louisiana one day – so I’m keeping my eyes out for cheap flights.


3. Portugal – Albufeira.

I visited Portugal when I was 15, on a family holiday to Albufeira. As we hired a villa for two weeks, I didn’t get to explore much. I don’t even have any real memories of the holiday, other than it being extremely hot, very dry and dusty, and there being orange sellers along the sides of the roads everywhere we went.

I’d like to go back to Portugal one day to see more – I’ve heard great things about Lisbon and Porto…


4. The Bahamas – Nassau.

Again, on another family holiday to Florida, we took a cruise liner from Fort Lauderdale out to The Bahamas for a few days. Though my brothers weren’t massive fans of cruising (both got terrible seasickness), I really enjoyed it, especially the evening entertainment on the ship. I mean, what’s not to love about a tropical Caribbean party where your waiters start doing a conga around the tables with a flaming baked Alaska on their heads? Especially after a few Bahama Mama cocktails.


5. Italy – Pisa, Rome, Siena.

When my friend Melissa got a new job teaching in an international school in Siena, I jumped at the chance to go and visit her. It’s the only time I’ve been to Italy, and in the five days there we managed to cram in tours of Pisa, Siena and Rome. We also ate a lot of bread and pasta, of course. Pompeii is on my bucket list, so I will go back to Italy one day.


6. Spain – Alicante, Marbella, Majorca, Lloret De Mar, Madrid, Barcelona.

An abundance of cheap flights has meant travelling to Spain quite a few times. My weekend in Barcelona earlier this year for my friend TJ’s birthday was fantastic, and definitely my favourite place in Spain (and my favourite European city so far). I especially loved all the colourful street art we managed to snap photos of while wandering around the city, and our trip to Park Güell – which was a surprising green oasis on the edge of the bustling city.


7. Greece – Rhodes.

In 2012 a friend and I decided we needed a cheap week away somewhere hot, where we could chill out and catch some rays. We ended up booking seven days in Rhodes. Most of the week was spent lounging by the pool, reading books and sipping all-inclusive cocktails, but we did take a day trip out to Lindos in the middle of the week. The view from the top of the Acropolis down to St Paul’s Bay was beautiful.

I’d love to see more of Greece, especially Athens.


8. Egypt – Luxor, Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh.

Ever since I can remember I’d always wanted to travel to Egypt. In 2013 that dream became a reality. I took a cruise down the Nile for a week, then spent three days in Cairo and then a week relaxing in Sharm el Sheikh. There was so much history to take in on the trip, it was amazing.


9. Turkey – Antalya, Istanbul.

Turkey is a really interesting country, and I’d love to see more of it. My trip to Istanbul last year was only a flying visit, so hopefully I’ll get back there soon.


10. Belgium – Brussels, Ghent.

My trip to Belgium in 2014 was booked on a whim and had no real itinerary, but I had a great time exploring the city of Brussels. My favourite snaps from the weekend in the capital are all street art snaps – and it was in the university city of Ghent that I confirmed my love for Roa, after finding one of his early pieces.


11. The Gambia – Kololi.

In 2014, when my mum text me suggesting we go to The Gambia for a holiday, I actually laughed out loud. “Who goes to The Gambia?” I asked my colleagues at work. “I’m going next week”, said a friend. So I started looking at holiday options, and managed to find a great deal with Thomas Cook for a week in Kololi. I’m so glad we went, because it’s an amazing country with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.


12. Norway – Oslo.

My first solo adventure (and my first country of 2015) was a trip to Norway. I’d never been to Norway before, and it wasn’t somewhere that particularly appealed before I went there, but as soon as I touched down in Oslo airport I knew I’d made the right choice to spend a few days here before heading to New York.

One of the things I particularly liked about the city was its street art scene, which definitely has to be seen.


13. Finland – Torassieppi.

In 2015 I managed to tick off a few bucket list activities in Finland, including:

  • Seeing the Northern Lights (three times)
  • Driving a husky sled
  • Snowmobiling into the Arctic Circle
  • Ice fishing (though not catching anything)
  • Staying in a real log cabin out in the wilderness.

It was an amazing trip, and I was so lucky to have gone as part of my job.


14. Austria – Mayrhofen.

I am not a skier or snowboarder, so when I got invited to the snowboarding festival Snowbombing 2015 last April with work, I was a bit nervous about hitting the slopes.

I did manage one attempt at skiing, but after a few tumbles and bruises, have since decided it’s really not for me. Luckily there’s more to Austria than just winter sports though. Just check out this view from the top of the gondola:


15. Tunisia – Sousse.

I loved Tunisia so much, that I went there twice in 2015. I’d even booked to go a third time, but my flights were cancelled after the terrible terrorist attack in June. I’m not going to let that scare me from going again though; Tunisia is a beautiful North African country, and I’d love to go back and explore some more.


16. Colombia – Bogota, Cali, Santa Marta, Cartagena.

Ah, Colombia. My favourite trip of 2015 was my summer holiday in Colombia. So much to tell you about such an amazing country, I could bore you all day. Check out these couple of posts for a taster:

One thing I will say is that if you are dubious or doubtful about the safety of travelling there, don’t be. Ignore what you’ve seen on Netflix and read in crappy novels; the Colombia of today is as safe as any other South American country.


17. Denmark – Copenhagen.

Ever been to Denmark? I have, for just six hours. Myself and some girls from work went to the Scandinavian country last year for the day, and managed to tick off the main attractions in Copenhagen (including Nyhavn pictured below).

If you’re considering a short trip like this yourself, check out my tips for travelling when you work full-time.


18. Morocco – Marrakech, Fez.

Inspired to travel to Morocco after seeing a picture of Chouara leather tannery on Instagram, I headed over to the North African country at the end of November in 2015. I don’t think people realise there’s more to Morocco than Marrakech – Fez is a wonderful place to visit.


19. The Netherlands – Amsterdam.

Spending New Year in Amsterdam was great fun, if a little hungover. Being December though, the weather wasn’t amazing, and traipsing around in the cold meant numb fingers when trying to snap pictures. Our trip there was short but sweet, so I definitely need to go back to see and experience more – maybe when the weather gets a bit better later… If I do head back then I will definitely be eating more Erwtensoep.


20. Czech Republic – Prague, Dolní Morava.

When I travelled to the Czech Republic in January 2016, it was completely on a whim. I’d got it in my head that I wanted to conquer the Czech Republic Skywalk after seeing an article in the Daily Mail, and just knew I had to get there as soon as possible.

What I didn’t realise is that Prague – the city I flew into – is actually a really beautiful European city with loads of charm, and plenty of photographic opportunities. Check out my “wintry weekend in picturesque Prague” post to see what I got up to.


21. Puerto Rico – all over the island.

When Norwegian Air has a sale on, you take full advantage. You don’t sit around considering options – you book those über cheap seats as soon as possible. That’s what happened when I went to Puerto Rico earlier this year.

We’ll ignore the fact that I didn’t actually know where Puerto Rico was until I’d looked on a map (after I booked the flights), because this Caribbean country is so lush and green, it’s a real adventurers paradise. Highlights of the trip included:

If you’ve never been to Puerto Rico then it should definitely be on your list – there’s so much to see and do.


22. India – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur.

The Taj Mahal has been on my bucket list for so long,  I was beginning to think I’d never get to see it. But at last, in April 2016, I jetted over to India, and went on a Golden Triangle tour, taking in the Taj along with many other impressive monuments, temples, palaces and tombs. You can read about some of my Indian adventures here:

India is such a massive country, and I’ve only seen a small part of it. I’ll definitely be back to explore more.


23. Poland – Mikołajki.

In August 2016 I headed to Poland, as a best friend of mine was getting married over there. Her and her fiancé are both Polish, so it was a traditional Polish wedding complete with tiny coin tossing (instead of confetti) and lots of vodka. Held in her fiancé’s home town of Mikołajki, I got the chance to explore a picturesque part of Poland that not many tourists visit.


24. Cuba – Guardalavaca.

At the beginning of November 2016 my (now ex) boyfriend and I jetted off on our first holiday together: a relaxing week at an all-inclusive resort in Guardalavaca, Cuba.

Though the resort itself was a little dated and it wasn’t as hot as we’d have liked, we still had a fantastic time swimming, snorkeling and drinking lots of Havana Club rum. We even managed to squeeze in a dolphin experience, which was amazing – just look at the big smiles on our little faces:


25. Ireland – Dublin.

Valentine’s weekend in 2016 was spent in Ireland, where I ticked off item no. 10 from my bucket list: drink a pint of Guinness in Dublin.

My (now ex) boyfriend and I stayed in the bustling touristy area of Temple Bar, with it’s many pubs, bars, restaurants and hen/stag parties. But we had a fantastic time – I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in ages. While there we visited the infamous Guinness Storehouse, tasted some local Irish delicacies and papped a load of street art pics.


26. Cyprus – Paphos.

In April 2017 my life got turned upside down, and after living up in Yorkshire for seven months with my partner, we split up and I returned to Reading. In dire need of a bit of sunshine and some R&R, I hastily booked a trip to Cyprus, and spent an amazing week in Paphos.

Staying at the Kissos Hotel, I explored the local area, visited the Paphos Archeological Park and learnt about the king-less Tombs of the Kings. Oh, and I ate lots and lots of meze. Then my friend Emma joined me and we visited the best beaches in Cyprus, found a super cute little church in Protaras and met a clowder of cats in Kouklia.

This trip was just what the doctor ordered, and it really helped me accept and begin to get over everything that happened with my ex-boyfriend. It also re-ignited my hunger to travel, my sense of wanderlust


27. Mexico – Playa del Carmen.

When you find a last minute cheap deal for a week in Mexico, you don’t hang around debating whether to book it or not. You just book it. Then you message your friend Emma to tell her you’ve booked it, and she books it too.

Then a week later you’re both in Mexico, sitting by the pool at your hotel (the HM Playa del Carmen), sipping ice cold beers and chowing down on fish tacos and ceviche. Then you find a beach with chalk white sand and crystal clear sea, and you know you’ve found paradise.


28. Jordan – Amman.

Jordan was one of those countries that I’d wanted to travel to for ages, in fact, pretty much ever since I first watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, aged about seven. Visiting the Lost City of Petra was on my bucket list, but admittedly, that was the only thing I really knew about Jordan. So I assumed a few days there would be more than enough, as didn’t think there was much else to see or do there. How wrong I was.

It’s a country steeped in history and culture, and the Jordanian people are some of the nicest I’ve ever met (especially my driver Ahmad, who helped me in ways I’m eternally grateful for). In the five days I was there I managed to tick off a visit to Petra, as well as:

  • A wander around the Amman Citadel
  • A trip to the Dead Sea
  • A traditional Hammam Turkish bath
  • Eating some amazing food (despite travelling to a Muslim country during Ramadan)
  • A fleeting visit to the ancient Roman ruins at Jerash
  • And snapping some super colourful streets in Amman.

I am absolutely in love with Jordan; I even looked into changing my return flight to stay a bit longer (something I’ve never considered when visiting any other country). But with some personal issues to attend to back in the UK, I couldn’t stay unfortunately. I have promised myself (and my new found Jordanian friends) that I will go back though. And soon.


29. Germany – Berlin.

I have a confession: Berlin was never a city I particularly wanted to visit. There wasn’t any real reason it didn’t make it on to my bucket list, but at the same time, to me there was no obvious reason to add it. That was until I visited in June 2017. Cos boy, what a city Berlin is. From delicious ice cream and desserts to crazy street art and so much history. I felt like I learnt a lot on this trip, about the country and about myself.

One of my highlights wasn’t actually in Berlin itself though, but just on the outskirts. On my second day I decided to do a bit of “urban exploring”, and ventured to an abandoned hospital that I’d read about online. The eerie, derelict building was a photographer’s wet dream, and I spent ages snapping away. Full post to come soon, but for now, here’s a teaser:

30. Hungary – Budapest.

After a non-stop few days in Berlin, I’ve arrived in Budapest, making Hungary my 30th country. Hooray.

I’m staying in this amazing 4 star hotel (which I paid absolutely nowt for), so I’m centrally located to visit all the main attractions, including the beautiful Hungarian parliament buildings. I’ll begin exploring the city properly tomorrow, because for now I need time to relax and rest, reflecting on everything that’s happened and all the places I’ve been since starting my challenge back in January 2016.



What’s my next travel challenge?

This has been a tricky challenge, and there were times I never thought I’d manage it. But I’m so pleased to be able to say I have visited 30 countries before I turned 30 (in fact, 13 days before my 30th). It’s such an achievement; one that’s allowed me to make so many friends, see so many beautiful things and take amazing pictures along the way. All this travelling has taught me a great deal, too.

I’ve already been giving my next travel challenge some thought. My cousin had suggested an A to Z of transport around the world, while my Grandma reckons a country from every letter of the alphabet. Doing 40 countries before 40 would be too easy I fear… What do you think should be my next challenge?



Note: As a few of these places were visited before I started taking photos, I have “borrowed” some of the pictures in this post. I have linked through to the Instagram accounts for the real owners.

171 thoughts on “30 countries before 30: where have I been.

    1. Ahhh thanks! I’m so proud that I managed to achieve my goal (even though it wasn’t a challenge I set myself in the first place ha!). And thank you – most of these are taken on a mobile phone actually 🙂 x


    1. Don’t be hard on yourself Melanie – I realise I’m really fortunate to be in the position to even try to attempt 30 before I’m 30, so I don’t see it as a competition 🙂 swimming with the dolphins was very fun – have you tried it? The kids would love it I’m sure x


  1. I’d love to say I’ll complete 30 before 30 but I’ve only done 6 so far so I’m well behind schedule! Some amazing places on your list, I’m so jealous! 🙂

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  2. Some seriously amazing places you have been and all before 30. Thats awesome. You might like to take a lookn at the Global Travel Community I am a member of, you will tick off even more bucket list items and make a ton load of amazing new friends across the globe. Let me know if that is something you might like to consider. Well done you and happy 30th!

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  3. This is such a great idea. I am inspired with the number of countries you’ve been to. Many of these I’m yet to visit 😊
    Wish you safe travels and keep bringing us these awesome blog posts 💖

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    1. I haven’t achieved it yet Medha – I’ve still got 3 to go (though am visiting one new on Tuesday next week: Jordan). So far I think I’d have to say Colombia, Mexico and India have been my favourite 🙂 x


  4. What an amazing adventure you’ve had. It’s fun when you think back to all the different places you’ve been. Have you thought about what country you would like to be the big 3-0?

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    1. I’ve not decided it yet Claire, though I haven’t got long to decide… I’m thinking it may be Costa Rica with my mum… But we’ll see! Come back here soon as I’ll update this post as soon as I’ve booked it! x


  5. This is absolutely fabulous! I am
    29 in September and really want to start a countdown of places like this. Not sure I’ll be able to afford it all in such a short space of time but I’ll certainly give it a go! I hope you have a fantastic time in Mexico- make sure you go to Coco Bongos and Señor Frogs xxx

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    1. Thanks Laura – making a list of the places I’ve travelled helps me remember them more 🙂 Maybe you could set yourself a mini challenge when you turn 29?

      Mexico was amazing by the way, though I didn’t make it to Coco Bongo (it certainly looked lively at night lol) and never heard of Senor Frogs haha! xx


    1. Sounds like you’re more thank making up for it even though you started late! 😱 what do you reckon should be my next challenge (providing i complete this one)? X


  6. I love to travel to but I’ve mostly stayed domestic in the US. I have left twice to go to Haiti and it is a beautiful country. I turn 30 next year and I am inspired to set a travel bucket list. I’ve always wanted to visit some castles in Ireland.

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    1. I think if I lived in the US I’d probably have changed my challenge to 30 states by the time I was 30, and maybe done a massive road trip! How much fun would that be? x


  7. You’ve got amazing experiences on your travels. I am greatly inspired! I wish I get to travel full time as soon as possible so I can experience and live my passion for traveling full time.

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  8. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you make it, I have no doubt that you will be able to! I am also trying to do 30 before 30, and it’s quite the undertaking.

    Portugal and Norway both look amazing, and are high up on my list.

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Mexico – staying in Playa Del Carmen as well. If you want any tips or must-see sights, shoot me an e-mail 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Karyna!! I actually got back from Mexico last week, and I’m off to Jordan tomorrow – so if you’ve been there I’d appreciate any tips of suggestions? After that it’s just 2 countries to go… all before I start work again on 4 July! How many have you managed to achieve so far? And when will you be 30? Oslo is a wicked city, though I visited in January, so not sure what it’s like in the summer months. Portugal is probably my least favourite place I’ve visited – though that’s probably because it was a family holiday when I was 15 and I hated it… 😂 would love to hear more about your travels! X


      1. How did you find Mexico? What was your favourite part?

        I’ve never been to Jordan unfortunately, otherwise I’d be happy to shared! You’re only a month a way, so you’ll definitely make it!

        I’m at about 24 countries so far, and I’m turning 30 in 3 years, so I should be able to swing it! I’m so surprised to hear that Portugal is your least favourite!! What IS your favourite?

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        1. Tulum, without a doubt was the best place – I spent a day there alone, relaxing in absolute paradise. It was bliss!

          The next day I went back with my friend Emma, we explored the ruins there and then went to the beach – met an Irish couple who had some beers with us then we all jumped on a Collectivo to Akumal, and they lent us their masks and snorkels to go swimming with the turtles! 🐢 Was amazing! Then we got caught in a massive tropical storm – had to go back to Playa del Carmen on the Collectivo soaking wet and shivering 😂 got off in Playa and ran back to the hotel splashing in every puddle on route! 💦

          Yeah, Portugal is probably an amazing place, but I just wasn’t really a fan… I blame my aunty! 😮 I’d like to go back to give it a second chance, however.

          Reckon my favourite countries are Colombia and Mexico! Really loved India and Puerto Rico too 👍🏻 have you been to any of those?


  9. Oh my word this is amazing! I love of the pictures they are truly stunning! You are so lucky to have the opportunity to go travelling to all these wonderful places 🙂 I would love to visit Austria – I have family there who I’ve never met. I would also love to visit Egypt and other parts of Italy!

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    1. Thanks Jenni – really appreciate your kind comments 🙂 of the three places you’ve picked, I’d definitely recommend Egypt, it was absolutely beautiful – though would suggest doing more than just going to a resort. My time at Sharm el Sheik was the worst part of the trip there x


  10. I went to Disney as both a kid and adult. I personally think its better for adults as you can appriciate it more as a grown up. I see people taking babies to Disney and the kid hasnt got a clue what is going on

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    1. I completely agree Hannah – I think Disney is wasted on very young children, but then I think I was too old to appreciate it when we went (I was about 13/14 I think), I just thought it was tacky and full of kids lol! x


  11. I would LOVE to visit so many of these countries. They all look amazing! The 3 places at the top of my bucket list are New York, California and Italy (anywhere in Italy, I’m not fussy lol). Keeping everything crossed that you manage to visit 30 countries before you reach 30 🙂

    Louise x

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    1. I think once I’ve completed my challenge (fingers crossed I do!) I’m going to look to visit more of the UK too, as there are so many places close by that I’ve never been to! X


  12. I hope that I get to travel Europe in the next few years. I went to Ireland last year and absolutely loved it. Next on the wish list is, France, Italy, Greece, Copenhagen, Belgium, Austria… the list goes on and on! Great post, thanks for sharing.

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  13. You are so well travelled! Proud of you for getting back on the travelling pony after all that’s happened. You’ll need to book another trip to celebrate completing the 30 before 30!

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      1. I wish I had the funds to book another trip to celebrate haha! But thank you so much, it was touch and go for a while whether I was going to make it, but after everything that’s happened, I’ve persevered and managed to achieve what I set out to do 🙂 x

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  14. I live in New York, USA, On Long Island. I’ve been out of the country to Mexico and Canada, but never to Europe which is my dream. I’ve also cruised the Caribbean and been on foreign land on some of the ports of call. I’ve been on about 8 cruises so I’ve visited a lot of Islands. I hope you make your 30 before 30! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Doreen – you’ll be pleased to hear that I made it 🙂 even with a few days to spare! Mexico was an amazing trip, though I’ve yet to venture to Canada. But with a few friends in Toronto, maybe I’ll make it there soon x


  15. I accidentally hit send before I was done with my comment. I was going to say, my goal was to have all my kids before age 30. I did it! I love to travel and took my kids on vacations every year. I think travel is extremely educational. Enjoy your travels. Be safe and have fun.

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  16. It’s always been my dream to travel. I haven’t been anywhere yet and I’m well over 30! this is such a great list, I hope you get to make it to all of the places on your list!

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  17. Wow, you’ve sure been to some beautiful places!! So many of them are on m list of places to go as well; I’ve always wanted to got to the US, but haven’t got round to it yet. I’ve only been to Ireland, France, Germany and Spain in my whole life, so I have some travelling to do! Our next trip is to Finnish Lapland to get married next year and I can’t wait!

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  18. That’s quite an accomplishment! Our goal is to travel to a new country every year and we’re so excited every time. I can imagine how awesome this must feel for you! I’d love to visit Egypt.

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  19. Such an amazing post! It made we want to jump on a plane and visit somewhere new! I only know one language though, so the fear of language barriers prevents me from traveling to other countries. Do you find that language barriers aren’t a problem when visiting new places?

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    1. You know, until I met an American lady on my travels in Berlin, I didn’t realise that Americans didn’t need a passport to travel between states! So you learn something new everyday! x


  20. This was a fun read! I went to Jordan last year and absolutely loved it too. Wish I could go back. Next time you’ll have to spend a couple nights in Wadi Rum. It was actually the highlight of my trip. Tied with Petra I suppose. And Morocco, you must visit the blue Cory of Chefchouen and the Sahara! I’m super jealous about Colombia. It’s at the top of my list. I’m heading over to your post on that now!

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  21. It does look like you have been to some amazing places. I will have to add a few of these to my bucket list of places to see. I am just sad that the West Coast of the US hasn’t made it yet. I think New York is alright, but it’s not really all that when you come to the states. There are far more beautiful places here.

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  22. I have only been to about 8 of the places on your list so I have along way to go . Looks like you have real travellers bug.

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    1. Thanks so much hun – I know 30 countries is a lot, but according the Been app I’ve only visited 14% of the entire world, so there’s definitely more to see! x


  23. 30 before 30 is brilliant! I agree 40 before 40 will be too easy. It’s only another country a year… but what about doubling in a decade? Another 30 in the next 10 years!

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    1. Wow, now that would be a challenge! Especially as I’ve done most of the accessible ones in Europe already… But then a backpacking trip across South America could tick off quite a few… Hmmm, food for thought, definitely x


  24. Such a great challenge, I set myself 30 places I wanted to visit before I was 30 but they were all new places and I gave myself about 3.5 years so I’m not sure if I’ll manage them all. I like the idea of visitng a place with every letter of the alphabet, I bet you’ve done quite a lot already x

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    1. I love travelling, whether its for a fortnight, a week, a long weekend or just a day – wherever I go I try and make the most of my time there 🙂 I’ve seen some amazing things in the different countries I’ve been to, and that’s just what this blog is about x


  25. Great to read where you’ve all been – I’ve been to Colombia in March and loved it too! I’m close to 30 countries but it’s too late for the before 30 challenge 😀 Maybe I should aim for 40 countries before 40 then!

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  26. That’s amazing you’ve been able to see so many different places in your life already! I’ve seen southern Europe including Italy, Greece (loved Rhodes!) and Turkey. Would love to see the northern half sometime, but my next trip will be the UK, that’s the top of my bucket list!

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  27. Wow what an impressive list! Colombia is my absolute favourite country in the world. I think you should try to see more of Asia next, I noticed that you have hardly any Asian countries on your list.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Wow you’ve been to so many amazing places! I haven’t been to even half of those but I would love to travel more in the future when the children are a little bit older. Amazing photos too!

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      1. Just discovering your fascinating blog now, as I prepare for my first trip to Israel and Jordan next week. I was looking for a hammam in Amman.
        We started traveling internationally with our daughters when they were 8 and 11. Consequently, my older daughter, who turned 30 last month, has been to 53 countries. She also had the opportunity to study abroad. She also accompanied me on my road trip to visit the final 3 of all 50 US states. I love that my children both inherited the travel “bug.” I also had the privilege of living abroad (The Hague, Netherlands for 4 years.) I won’t make the 100 country club (I’m 70.) but hope to make 70 or 75. I’m at 6l now. Travel is the very best form of education.


  29. There you highlight 30 country in the world. This country was really beautiful and there have many travel places. Your experiences level is so high. I thing you should be travel in Bangladesh. There have biggest sea beach in the world and also Suburbans. There you find many historical places. You should be travel in Bangladesh.

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  30. Well done for this achievement, that’s great!

    I didn’t surpass 30 by 30, but I stay too long in the countries that I visit. I’m not a quick mover at all. However, I will definitely achieve 100 by 100! (touch wood for two separate reasons).

    By the way…. the cat in that photo seems to be saying with his eyes; ‘Oh…you’re going away again aren’t you’ :p

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