Snapping the street art of Barcelona.

If you follow my Instagram, you can’t have failed to notice that I’m a fan of street art. While most people walk past the scribbles and the sprays, oblivious to the colourful creations across the walls of the cities, I often stop and snap a pic.

It’s more than just graffiti to me – it’s about talent, passion and, for the most-part, risk. Street artists will go to great lengths to bring colour and personality to areas that are seemingly grey and boring. In some areas street art is ubiquitous, but others it’s a surprise – light at the end of a tunnel.


My interest in the art form stems back to a street art walking tour I went on in 2014, around London’s east end. We saw some great pieces, both unsanctioned (aka illegal) and commissioned, from the likes of Banksy, Roa and Phlegm.

Since then, I’ve always been on the hunt for street art, wherever I go. Throughout my travels I’ve seen some amazing pieces, in New York, Oslo, Brussels and Bogota. Some of my favourite artists include Roa (who climbed to the top of the favourites list after I found a piece of his early work in Ghent), Stik, Exit Enter and Barcelona’s own Pez – whos work is in the photo at the top of this post.

On our recent trip to Barcelona I saw loads of magnificent murals and colourful characters painted, stencilled and sprayed across walls, doors and railings.Β Here are some of my favourites (including a piece by the Belgian artist who paints crayons everywhere – I don’t know his name, so if anyone has an idea, please comment below):


I definitely want to get back to Barcelona, maybe even later thisΒ year – there was so much that I didn’t get to see in this amazing city. And I’ve since found out that there are quite a few street art walking tours that you can do there. I’ll definitely be booking myself on one of these when I go back.


101 thoughts on “Snapping the street art of Barcelona.

    1. I cannot recommend Barcelona enough as a city to visit for a short weekend away – there’s so much to see and do there, not just the street art! x

  1. Lovely photos πŸ™‚ I didn’t realise there was so much street art in Barcelona.
    I moved to Sheffield last year and there’s loads of street art here- I bet I still haven’t found it all!

    1. Ahhh really – one of my favourite artists is actually from Sheffield (Phlegm), I wonder if you’ve seen any of his work? I’ve never been to the city myself, but I found a piece of his in Oslo once! x

    1. Yes, I love all the pics on your blog and Insta feed Ana – the colours of the street art in Shoreditch really makes your fashion posts really stand out against other bloggers x

        1. Thanks hun! I’ve just got back from Mexico, as you know – so much street art there, it was amazing! Next I’m off to Jordan – I don’t expect to find much street art there, if any, but maybe I’ll be surprised πŸ™‚ xx

  2. I’m the same i love street art and feel it brightens up a place. I liked some i’ve found across Glasgow recently. I don’t know much about street artists though and have only know of Banksy. Barcelona is place i’d love to visit too x

    1. Yes, I found some great pieces on Ingram Street in Glasgow once – I always seem to just stumble into them, rather than going out searching for them specifically x

  3. I love street art, it is always so vibrant and beautiful. I’ve never been to Barcelona but it is on my travel bucket list, I’ll have to add seeing the street art to the reasons why I want to go!

    1. Yes, there is definitely plenty of colourful pieces in Barcelona! What are your other reasons for wanting to go? The Sagrada Famillia should be on the list too, if it isn’t already πŸ˜‰ x

  4. I love the street art. How amazing! I enjoyed looking at all this. You should see London street arts. xx

    1. I used to find street art all the time when I lived in London, though now I’m in Reading there’s hardly any (and the stuff I do see is more graffiti than art, unfortunately). There are plenty of other cities that have impressive street art scenes though Melanie – Oslo’s is very different to other places I’ve been, so work a look x

  5. Street art is definitely a much under-rated form of art. Some of the art around London really makes you stop and look twice – looks like Barcelona has some very talented artists too!

    1. I know what you mean Emma – some of the pieces I’ve seen have been so impressive, I just can’t believe they’ve been drawn/painted by someone’s own hands! x

    1. I haven’t been to Belfast since 2008, but I never noticed any when I was there unfortunately πŸ™ I’m definitely due a trip back there, so will have to check it out on my return! x

  6. Wow the street art in Barcelona is beautiful! I love how it combines such bright pops of colour. My favourite is the pop art style though, now thats really cool! xxx

  7. Talent, passion and risk – I love that! I adore street art. It never fails to amaze me how detailed some of them are. I’ve never been to Barcelona but it’s on my to-do list! 😍 xx

  8. Even I love street art, it’s like the bright colors falling all around you, fantasizing and imagining the best out of it, Seriously, The doodles are always so amazing. I love to explore these kinds always.

  9. I’ve been thinking about visiting Barcelona for a really long time now, but I just haven’t had the opportunity! I feel so bad about it, the place looks amazing! The street art has been well captured by you, good work!

  10. Whoa! It’s really colourful! It is truly interesting to record street art in different cities all over the world. I do the same in my blog <3

  11. Street art to me was usually seen as vandalism but as I have grown in life I have come to see it as something creative. Some pieces are outright hilarious and creative when you look at them. Another post I read somewhere had some very interesting pieces that were humorous to look at and really blended with the scenery.

    1. I appreciate that street art isn’t for everyone – some do see it as vandalism, though I think it’s important to be mindful that some pieces have been commissioned by the area’s local authorities πŸ™‚ I love that you have learnt to like street art and your view has changed as you’ve grown in life πŸ™‚ x

  12. Love this, and love street art! Done well, it provides so much color and life to a spot that would just be functional and rather bland otherwise. Thanks for sharing the pictures. <3 Happy Travels.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Meg – some of the commissioned murals are absolutely stunning! Brussels is another great place for street art, and Oslo’s street art scene is a little lesser known, but with a massive art college in the middle of the city, it’s understandable why there would be so many interesting pieces around! x

    1. I think street art is one of those things: if you’re a fan, you find it, you notice it. If you’re not really a fan, sometimes you’ll just pass right by it and not even notice (it is graffiti to most, after all). Maybe next time you go to Barcelona you could seek it out a bit, you might find something you like πŸ™‚

  13. I love walking around cities with great street art. Must admit though I’ve never thought of Barcelona when I think of street art but it was many years ago I visited. May have to go back

    1. I agree – the tags and sprays that people do aren’t proper “art”. The big murals, cartoons, little creative bits, they’re real art and show so much talent πŸ™‚ x

  14. That looks amazing there is no street art really where we are so I would love to visit somewhere vibrant with colours!

  15. Great shots! I’m definitely guilty of not really stopping to take notice of the amazing art on our streets. I live in london so Shoreditch is a real Mecca for graffiti as you said. Thanks for sharing xx

  16. I never used to be a fan o street art, but of lately it has peaked my interest. London towns such as Camden and Shoreditch are thriving with such great work from these fab artists. If ever in london I certainly recommend checking it out, I too if in Barcelona.

  17. I love hunting street art too, always exciting and unusual. I have never seen Barcelona posted in such way, I think I missed a lot of charm. Makes me want to come back!

  18. It has been a few years since I visited Barcelona and I remember admiring all the art work. I think a revisit is in order

  19. i just love the stree art in Barcelona – there are some really fantastic pieces there – kind regards Pati Robins

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