Best couple travel bloggers on Instagram.

Though I’m a huge fan of solo travel, and have been to many countries by myself, (in fact, I’m jetting off on another solo adventure tonight to Jordan), I know that sometimes having your partner with you on a trip can make it a bit more special.

Not only will you have someone to sit and gaze at adoringly over the table “pour deux“, someone to rub your suntan lotion in to the places you can’t reach, and someone to cling to when walking through a medina and people are trying to buy you for camels, but long after you’ve returned you’ll remember anecdotes and parts of your trip that will make you smile. Even though I’m no longer with him, I still have fond memories of silly little things my ex and I did on our holiday in Cuba and  our weekend in Dublin, for example.

Now that I’m single and living back down south, I dream of finding a man that will want to accompany me on far flung trips around the world, sharing my passion for travel, taking pictures and making memories. But until I meet said man, I’ll live vicariously through these guys, my favourite travel blogger couples on Instagram.

1. fittwotravel.

Oregon based husband and wife team Tip and Tarah (@fittwotravel) first met at the gym back in 2010. Their relationship developed through their mutual love for fitness, but then (after a road trip down to southern California for Tarah’s best friend’s wedding) found that they both loved travelling just as much as exercise. They got engaged in Paris in 2013, then were married in Jamaica and Tip’s home country of Laos in 2014.

Since being together they’ve travelled to over nine different countries and many cities, all while working full-time. The couple created the website as a way of sharing their adventures and pictures with friends and family, while encouraging others to start exploring the world (while also sticking to their gym routines).

2. fourdirtyfeet.

Steven and Hayley’s story sounds like the plot of a romance novel. Though originally both from South Africa, they actually first met in South Korea, where Steven had already been teaching for a year before graduate Hayley flew out to join him. They realised they shared the same dreams of travel and love for educating young minds, and their friendship quickly blossomed. Inspired by one another, they set out to lead a different lifestyle with the dream of travelling the world, and showing it all through their Instagram feed, @fourdirtyfeet.

I really love the layout of their website (, especially the namesake imagery of dirty feet. The couple say they created it “hopefully inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, experience the world and get their ‘feet dirty’.” I certainly feel inspired looking at all their travel pics (and teary at their beautiful love story), though I don’t think posting a photo of my hobbit feet on my Instagram will encourage anyone else.

3. yetanothervisarun.

Nate and Adriana are the creatives behind the Instagram account @yetanothervisarun. The couple have been travelling around the world since July 2015, making daily travel videos on their YouTube channel, and are working to write out guides for all of the destinations they’ve been to in the last few year, shared on their website

Why do I love their account? The pictures seem more real, more raw, unedited than other travel bloggers’ Instagram feeds. I feel like Nate and Adriana capture the real side of travelling, the side where seas aren’t always crystal clear and the sun isn’t always shining. And I like that.

4. worldtraveladventurers.

Bertaut and Alexis T (or BAT, as they affectionately call themselves) first met back in 2002 at a music festival in Indiana, where it was love at first sight. With a mutual passion for travel and speaking foreign languages, many years later they are happily married, have two children and an Instagram account (@worldtraveladventurers) with over 16,000 followers.

Despite Bertaut working full-time and the couple now having two kids, they still travel as much as they can, sometimes with the children and sometimes alone. On their blog,, the couple say that travelling is their way to “unwind, refresh, and keep the sparks flying” in their marriage, as well as exposing the children to new cultures and places. Sounds like the perfect relationship to me.


If you’re like me and love to try new foods on your travels, then you definitely need to start following on Instagram. Tommo and Megsy’s account will have you salivating as you scroll through their feed. From decadent desserts and cocktails, to the slightly less appealing “cricket fondue”, you name it, they’ve tried it.

Combined, the couple have travelled to over 85 countries in their quest to find the ultimate “Food Worth Traveling For”. On their food travel blog, they share what they’ve discovered, to help novices like me plan my next perfect foodie trip.

6. holidaysandhappilyeverafters.

I should probably confess right away: I have a massive girl crush on Minaxi, one half of travel duo @holidaysandhappilyeverafters. I think it’s her pink hair and her excessive use of emojis that has me constantly checking their Instagram feed.

As the wordsmith of the couple, she says that they balance out their passion for travelling with the woes of adulting and budgeting, so “while you would not be able to see us flitting off to exotic destinations every month, we do try to get our cure for wanderlust locally too and would surely let you in on all of the experiences, tips and tricks whether local or overseas”. Basically, she’s just a real cool chick with totally Instagrammable hair.

As hubby Vishnu is the “eyes” of their Instagram account and website (, he take all the pictures so there aren’t as many photos of the pair together as other traveller couples. But I do love this colourful shot taken in Times Square:

View this post on Instagram

Heylooow incredible people of the Instagram world! 🤗Just wanted to let you all know that this account "minaxivishnu" is renamed to “HolidaysandHappilyEverAfters” , in sync with our brand new blog ✨ … Most of you already know this mermaid-haired wanderess Minaxi and her captain Vishnu, but in case some of you missed, we are an NYC based gypsy couple 👫“Consumed by Wanderlust 🌍, Compelled by Adventures 🚎and Conviction in HappilyEverAfters” 💕 I, Minaxi looove to waltz with words 🎶🖋 and will remain the high-spirited story-teller at our blog and all social media, while Vishnu is the go-to “techie-in-residence” 💻⚙️. He is also the head photographer 📸of most our pretty pics! (aided and abetted by his mermaid of course 😉) … Diagnosed with the curious case of interminable travel bug🗺, as we wander around the world we absolutely love sharing our adventures with this community 🤗, and each and every single comment and conversation we share with all of you undeniably makes us a helluva happy bunny 😍🐰 … As much as all social media uses the word followers/subscribers, we hate it 😑and would rather use the word friends or even family, as some of you have quite made a habit of warming the cockles of our heart 💖😇 Sooo, welcome aboard all you dear fabulous friends 🤗and wander 🌍with us in our happy place of HolidaysAndHappilyEverAfters 😊 • • • #travelblog #travelblogger #traveldiaries #newblog #travelogue #expatblogger #blogging #femaletravelbloggers #darlingescapes #sheexplores #welivetoexplore #maketimetoseetheworld #lifewelltravelled #exploringglobe #letsgoeverywhere #instatravel #mytravelaffairs #travelcouple #newyorkcity #nyc_instagram #newyorklike #ig_nycity #igersofnyc #newyork_ig #nyc_highlights #nyc_explorers #timessquare #streetsofnewyork #timeoutnewyork #timeoutsociety

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7. alongdustyroads.

Andrew and Emily describe themselves as “slow travellers” – this means they live, breathe and fall in love with every country they step foot in, rather than just getting a passing glimpse of a countries best bits. And they share all this with their followers on Instagram under @alongdustyroads.

On their website ( you’ll find photography and writing to stoke your wanderlust, plus the couple’s honest reviews and guides, filled with their own practical tips. After spending two years living and travelling in Latin America, they’re back in the UK. But that doesn’t mean the adventures have stopped…

8. partimetravelers.

Polish Michal and Portugese Claudia make up the blogger duo @partimetravelers. As their name suggests, the couple work full time (Michal as yacht designer and Claudia as a scrub nurse), but they try to travel as much as they can in their free time.

They frequently post pictures, reviews and tips on their website,, which I love.

9. goatsontheroad.

The @goatsontheroad Instagram account is managed by Nick and Dariece, a 30-something couple from Canada who have been travelling for almost eight years. They’re also the adventure-loving, wine-drinking, culture-seeking videographers, photographers and writers who founded the travel blog

The thing that first attracted me to their Instagram feed was the name. So what’s it about? The couple say that no matter where they travel in the world, there seems to be goats roaming the roads. Since they’re also on the road, they took up calling other “Goat”… and so the blog was born.

10. twoscotsabroad.

As their Instagram handle (@twoscotsabroad) suggests, Gemma and Craig Armit are a couple from Scotland who spend a lot of time abroad. The husband and wife team are often accompanied by their husky/German shepherd cross called Bowie on their travels, and say they love the outdoors, gigs/festivals and the odd a party (though don’t frequent as many as they once did now they’re in their 30s!).

Gemma reckons that she’s the fingers and lens behind their blog,, and says Craig “carries the bags and looks good in photos”. Either way, I just love following their adventures on Instagram – especially their recent trip to Mayrhofen for Snowbombing Festival, which I went to myself in 2015.


If the few snaps above haven’t already given you a serious case of wanderlust, make sure you follow them on Instagram to see what else they’re up to – I guarantee they’ll have you wanting to book your next trip. And speaking of next trips, follow me on Instagram too to keep up with my travels around Jordan.

48 thoughts on “Best couple travel bloggers on Instagram.

  1. These are not the usual kind of accounts I follow on instagram but I can’t deny that these pictures are all beautiful and it’s always good to live vicariously through others.

    V 💙

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  2. i mostly travel with my husband but we never create couple travel content and its actually a great idea, thanks for writing this post and making me aware!

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  3. A couple that travels together …stays together! i’ve heard that before and looking at these amazing photos of the couple travel blogger its somehow rings true

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  4. The only thing I regret a little is not travelling much with the husband before we had our daughter. We’ve never been abroad together in the 12 years we’ve been together. It’s always so different to have a holiday as a couple. These accounts are beautiful.

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  5. I love travelling and experiencing new things with my husband but I still think the best holidays have been with my best friends – they’re purely self indulgent and she gets my need to spend hours in art galleries!
    C x

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  6. This list is amazing and we know already some of them, they are great! Couples Travels is an amazing World, You will enjoy every moment you stay in a place and share the feeling of each other. We hope one day, in a new release of this post to be there. We try to be more inspirational possible and put some of our feeling everywhere in our photos and posts.

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