Best female travel bloggers on Instagram.

Do you follow me on Instagram? Nope? Well get on over to @beccajtalbot and click “Follow”. Instagram is my favourite way to share pics of my travels, so I update my feed a lot more regularly than I do the blog.

Instagram also helps me discover beautiful new places to visit (whether that’s overseas or here in the UK), which I’ll often add to my bucket list. I like to follow travel Instagram accounts that tell a story, rather than just photography accounts. Of course I follow the likes of National Geographic, Lonely Planet and BBC Travel, but I find travel bloggers share snaps, stories and snippets that are a lot more human. They’re not polished or sugar-coated, they’re real, relatable.

So without further ado, these are my favourite female Instagram travellers to follow. Start following them too, for immediate travel inspo and wanderlust.

1. touringandexploring.

Meet Carly, she’s beautiful. She blogs over at about, well, touring and exploring the world with her husband (and David Guetta). She’s been to so many countries and seen so many cities, her Instagram feed is awash with envy-inducing snaps from around the globe. Oh, and she has gorgeous legs.

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☁️🎶Walking in a dream 🎶☁️

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2. thetravelbunny.

If you’re looking for action, adventure and some amazing pictures, then hop on over to One of my favourite things about the @thetravelbunny Instagram account is that, like myself, author Suzanne works full-time, so she fits her travels in around her day job. This means that her feed has a healthy mix of vacation and staycation snaps.

This colourful shot from Porto is gorgeous. I’ve never been to the city myself, but there’s plenty of time…


3. breannajwilson.

Breanna is a girl after my own heart; she blogs over at about the food (and drink) she enjoys while gallivanting around the globe. She talks tech too, which is refreshing to see from a female traveller (no “I wore this swimsuit from Prada” beach shoots from Breanna). She is a self-confessed travel badass, and I love her.

Her Instagram feed will definitely get your mouth watering and your mind wandering. And each of her snaps are perfectly captioned, such as this pic of a juicy paella pan:


4. maketimetoseetheworld.

Vicki from is living up to her website’s name, having visited over 30 countries around the globe already. Her Instagram feed is a thing of beauty and is sure to give you an extreme case of wanderlust. Just looking at the picture below – snapped in Australia – makes me want to pack my bags and jump on a plane.


5. travelontoast.

Anja is author of travel blog Though the site is German, you don’t have to “sprechen sie Deutsch” to admire the beauty in her Instagram feed. All her snaps are like picture postcards of her trips away, many of which include palm trees, turquoise seas and cloudless skies. Bliss.


6. magsonthemove.

Though she’s not travelled as far as some of the other bloggers in this list, Maggie’s Instagram feed and blog,, offers a mix of snaps taken in-and-around her hometown of Orlando, and pictures taken on her travels. I started following her account while she was visiting Colombia, as it’s one of my favourite destinations (especially Cartagena).


7. withhusbandintow.

If you’re even feeling remotely peckish, do not look at Amber’s Instagram feed – her colourful snaps of food and drink around the world will have you salivating all over your screen.

With her husband Eric in tow, Amber shares her culinary escapades over on the aptly-named blog There’s everything from cooking classes to restaurant reviews, so if you fancy your own foodie adventure, definitely pay the site a visit. Oh, and here are some colourful macarons, just to whet your appetite.


8. a_girlwhotravels.

The gorgeous Marta is a digital nomad with a serious case of wanderlust. In 2010 she quit her 9-5 office job to travel solo across South and South-east Asia, and lived a life of travel ever since. She’s taken bucket showers in Laos, swum in the Arabian sea at midnight, was an extra in a Bollywood film, was nearly kidnapped in Istanbul, lived out her childhood dream in Tokyo and fell in love with Italy. And all this without a single line on her beautiful face. Jealous? Me?

Her site,, is perfect for female travellers looking for advice on travelling solo (while doing it on a budget).


9. linesofescape.

Last year I was lucky enough to meet and work with the lovely Kasha from, and have stalked her blog and Instagram feed since. She balances weekends overseas (mostly in Europe) with weekends away here in the UK, travelling with her partner in crime Chris (of fame). Her feed’s eclectic and colourful, her face’s photogenic, and she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

And if all that wasn’t reason enough to love her, Kasha recently blogged about why Hull is such a great city. I couldn’t agree more, though as I’m moving there soon (more of that here), I am a little biased.


10. catchfiftytwo.

Swedish-born Iranian Em’s Instagram feed is full of photos of her favourite things: travel and food. Luckily these are two of my favourite things too (the third being cats, obviously), so we’re the perfect Insta-match.

She currently lives in London, so posts plenty of reviews of City eateries on her blog Her site is my go-to place if I’m looking for somewhere to eat that’s a little different than the usual high street chains.


Know of any other cool female travel bloggers that you think I should follow? Drop me a comment below and I’ll check them out.

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too, please. Thank you.

63 thoughts on “Best female travel bloggers on Instagram.

  1. What a seriously fabulous list. I love travel bloggers they always take me there in mind with their quality pictures. Great post and thanks for introducing me to some newbies

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lynne – glad you found the list helpful! I love finding new travel bloggers to follow on Instagram, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know x


  2. Posts that turn us onto to cool Instagram accounts are some of my favorites! I can’t wait to check each on of them out. We don’t travel as much as we’d like .. so I need to live vicariously through you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe! I used to be the same before I started travelling, spying up places on Instagram and dreaming of visiting. Now I’m in the position where I actually can go and visit the places, and I’m loving it! x


  3. A great list, and lovely to share. I love browsing Instagram for interesting accounts. I see some wonderful photos from all over The World. Helen of Fuss Free Flavours covers travel too, so you may be interested in her accounts (Fussfreelfavours and ThisWonderfulplanet) if you haven’t seen them already 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Travelling isn’t for everyone, but tiredness is not something I have suffered when travelling. I’m sure there are plenty of tips to overcome tiredness while travelling though 🙂


  4. My Instagram feed is full of world travelers and lets me get a taste of exotic places every day – even when I’m not traveling myself. Grammar feeds here!

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  5. Wow what a list Becca! More power to the females across the world. I have got a list to follow now. I am sure they would be inspiring. Thanks Becca for the list.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great feeds to check out thanks
    Pheobefr in my stories ones to follow highlights is fab and sorelle amore takes cool photos and has a great you tube channel too

    Liked by 1 person

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